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DVR Cards

cctv in Delhi DVR Cards enable you to watch Live Real-Time Video and also to keep a recording of all that is happening at a place of your interest. DVR Cards help you retrieve data from CCTV Cameras installed at different locations within a premise through broadband Internet connection or a phone line. Using your computer system you can watch it live or record it in digital format for later use.

DVR Cards in Delhi

DVR Cards along with CCTV Cameras make a perfect surveillance system that offers you complete safety and greater control over things that interest you most. Our products in this category are in harmony with international standard and assure you of a very high degree of performance.

We manufacture DVR Cards for installation in places like hotels, offices, factories, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping mall and all such places of importance. Airport security system, traffic management system, prison security system and the likes can also find our DVR Cards useful.

Features of DVR Cards:

  • Simultaneous multi-channel playback with in-time synchronization
  • Support comparatively higher number of cameras
  • Multi-channel I/O support
  • Support for multi-channel audio recording
  • De-interlace function for full resolution
Our products ensure you optimum performance with a very high degree of reliability and let you experience world-class features.