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Time Attendance Systems

cctv in Delhi Our complete system for time attendance and payroll management offers you a world-class solution for bringing efficiency in the normal functioning of your business. You can now keep track of the complete attendance details of your employees, generate individual reports and manage monthly payroll system with much ease and increased efficiency. Our system is based on the globally-accepted model, which consists of Time Attendance Recorder, Access Control, Finger Print Reader and Software for time attendance and payroll management.

Following are the chief characteristics of our Time Attendance and Payroll Management System:
  • Keep electronic record of your employees' attendance details like arrival time, departure time, late coming, absenteeism, shift wise presence, early departure, over time department summary and many more.

  • Available in a variety of models with a myriad of technical features, such as flexible temperature and humidity operating, high transaction storage, low identification time, multi-channel communications etc.

  • Advanced features include 360 degree identification, sleep and suspend function, sensor window cotton for improved image quality and many more

  • The accompanying software is suitable for multi-user environment, online data capturing, data posting and retrieving, master data import, to name a few and is compatible with all known operating system, the most common database system, ERP Solutions and Accounting Software.

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